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Message posté… : 17 févr. 2020, 15:39
par Berni69
Welcome to the European Meeting Pacific Coast 2021

June 3rd, 2021 to June 7th, 2021

Location :
Garabit Hotel
We will have rides in Cantal and Aubrac ... Castels, Burons, city of Conques, Laguiole ...

Prices of hosting :
70€/person/night in double - Half Board
95€/person/night in solo - Half board

Fee :

T-shirt (from S to XXXL) :

A dedicated email address :

Booking is open, form is here ...

#EMPC80021 English

Message posté… : 03 juin 2020, 12:44
par Berni69
Registration is open ...

#EMPC80021 English

Message posté… : 01 juil. 2020, 09:27
par Berni69
We have may questions arriving.

Here are some informations :

You don't have to pay now for registration. You can only register and you have a delay for financial validation, no problem.
So far, as you could see it on the HPCCDF Forum, we have 4 inscriptions, and one as paid the first part.

- If you decide not to come, once you have paid, if it is 2 months before the event you get all your money back

- If you decide not to come two months or less before the event we will keep 20% of your money because of hotel reservation (unless you can find someone that comes at your place !), and keep the money of the t-shirt if it has been made. You will receive the t-shirt of course !

- if we cancel the event you'll get your full money back.

These conditions are always applied in all our annual meeting of the Club.

Yes the hotel is limited, but we have about 70 places...

Hope corona won't come again !! so far we can't tell you.
This year we cancelled two events (one with 15 people, and an other one with 150 people), we all get our full money back or the hotel made the same conditions for next year and this because of a new law specific to corona events.

Anyway, we hope to see you and many others coming from all around Europe. That should be a great meeting.

Don't hesitate to register on our forum to get more information or ask any questions.